GM – 1st June 

GM – 1st June 
Hove Review 
Princess Aurora despite not making one of her better breaks still showed plenty of speed & resolution to win last night. Black Zack turned close enough if good enough but Richard Bakers bitch is in flying form and she toughed it out to score. 
That’s eleven points profit from Aurora this week and was a decent end to an up and down month. 
Now we have the usual Friday fare from Romford this evening to start June before tomorrow nights bumper Derby Final night card. 
The Romford card isn’t one of the best and as a result I’m keeping bets to a minimum.
Stick with the Chop Chop team, I think Hope will rack up another win to add her extremely impressive record, though she will be quite short. Then watch Lady win now I have sacked her. 
Tonight’s bet however is Steve who is 10/27 in the trap six he occupies this evening, he can make it 11/28 with a decent break, in a race that looks winnable. I think the 6/4 available is fair and worth a bet. 
My dad always told me ‘A short price winner is better than a long priced loser’
Tonight’s Bet :- 
Romford 7.34 Chop Chop Steve 2 points win @ 6/4 Coral